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Hi! My name is Ali Chatham and I am a rising Senior BFA Student in Painting! I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy for 6 weeks this summer. I will be taking courses in Art History and Painting and I hope to travel a little around Europe on my free weekends. Florence is so rich in history, especially concerning art, and I cannot wait to experience it in person! I may or may not faint when I see Renaissance paintings in real life. Stay tuned. I’ll be painting from life daily, taking lots of pictures, and eating a lot of good food. I can’t wait for my Italian journey!



Hello, there! I’m Brantley, and I’m an International Studies and Arabic major writing from Meknes, Morocco. Most of my day this summer will be spent studying the lovely Arabic language at AALIM as part of the Intensive Arabic Program, but I’m hoping to squeeze in some time to watercolor paint, see Moroccan tilework, and travel. As we say in Arabic, Yalla! (Let’s go!)


Marhaban!  My name is Ella Lawson and I am a sophomore with majors in Arabic, International Studies, and Classics. I’m excited to see how these three fields converge in the wonderfully ancient city of Meknes. From the ruins of Volubilis to the souks of the old medina, Meknes will surround me in all my favorite languages. But for this summer, I’ll be focusing on Arabic. I’m studying abroad through an intensive program at AALIM (Arab-American Language Institute in Morocco). I can’t wait to see all the adventures that come!  Ma’a salama!

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Hi, my name is Emily Morphis, and I will be researching in Ndola, Zambia, Africa this summer! I am from Belmont, Mississippi. I am a Communication Sciences and Disorders major with a minor in Society and Health. I am a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!



Hi everyone! My name is Gabby Brown, and I am rising senior from New Orleans, La. This July, I will be studying Irish History and Politics at Arcadia University in Dublin, Ireland. As a Political Science Major, a Naval Science Minor, and a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College, I am beyond excited for my journey across the pond! Can’t wait to share my abroad experience with you guys!



你好我叫柯知琳!Hello, my name is Jacqueline (my Chinese name is Ke Zhilin) and I’m a junior anthropology and Chinese double major, English minor, spending the summer in Harbin, China with the CET intensive language program. I will be taking classes in modern Chinese literature and classical Chinese so I’ll probably be spending a lot of my time studying, but every weekend I’ll go on cultural excursions and will also take part in weekly Tai chi classes. I’ll also be living with a Chinese roommate so I’m sure she’ll be able to teach me all about Chinese culture, the city of Harbin and it’s Russian influences. I’m beyond excited for all of these opportunities this summer, but the part I’m probably most excited about is the one-on-one independent study that CET offers us: for 4 hours a week I’ll be meeting with a professor who specializes in the Mosuo ethnic minority group living in the Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces. The Mosuo culture is very complex but in short, they are matrilineal, meaning the bloodline runs through the females, and they do not practice marriage. I hope that you’ll look forward to reading my blog posts as much as I’ll look forward to writing them!

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Hi! I’m Katie Dames, and I’m an International Studies major through the Croft Institute and an Italian minor. I’m currently studying Italian in Salerno, a town of about 150,000 on the Amalfi coast, at l’Accademia Italiana. I chose to study abroad this summer because the program allows me to get a year of credit in Italian, and I get to study on the beach! So far I have already learned so much staying with a host family and living in a city with relatively few tourists. I’m a history geek, so I’m most looking forward to our excursion to Pompeii and all the beautiful tiled churches that line the coast. It’s my first time in a non-English speaking country, so it is certainly an adventure! Andate con me!



Hey y’all! I’m a fourth year German major at the University of Mississippi. I am spending the summer in Dortmund, Germany at the Technical University of Dortmund! Then in the winter I’ll be in Göttingen, Germany at the Georg August University! I’ve never been to Europe, but I’m going all in! I hope to see as much of Europe while I’m over there and improve my German skills.



Hey! My name is Lennon Caldwell and I’m a senior at Ole Miss studying finance. I am extremely excited to be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this summer! This will be my first time to ever leave the country and I cannot wait to explore new places, culture, and food. I am actually from Oxford, so my main reason for studying abroad was to get out of my home town and experience new things. My hope is to encounter something new every day!



Hello all!  I’m Morgan Winter from Wichita, Kansas. I’m a little late to the study abroad party, as I will be a senior this fall, but I couldn’t be happier to have discovered this opportunity.  I will be interning abroad in Valencia Spain this summer, working with Spanish Pro Football, an intensive soccer academy.  Travel is a major passion of mine, so the opportunity to spend two months working in my field in another country was just too good to pass up.  While abroad, I expect to be very much out of my comfort zone, and I cannot wait. Though my Spanish is not incredible and I don’t know an insane amount about soccer, I know that these will be some of the best times of my life. Can’t wait to share this journey with you all!



Guten Tag! I’m a Sophomore Public Policy Leadership major with minors in Spanish and German. Right now, I’m studying abroad in Tübingen, Germany at the Sprachinstitut Tübingen. I decided to study abroad to get hands-on experience with the German culture, earn credits, and use the German language in a practical sense. I’m really looking forward to gaining more knowledge of the German language and culture and exploring the country’s historic castles and beautiful countryside! This is my first time traveling abroad, and I’m already learning so much from my host family and interactions that I have daily in town. I can’t wait to experience all that Germany has to offer!

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Greetings! My name is Reynolds Spencer and I am a Junior at Ole Miss from Nashville, TN. I am working toward an Accounting degree with a minor in Management Information Systems. I will spend this summer across the pond in London, England interning at a start-up fulfillment company. This will be my first time ever leaving the United States, so I am extremely excited for the new experiences to come and also very thankful for the opportunity to document and share those experiences here!



At Ole Miss, I’m in my final year of undergrad for a degree in Biochemistry. One of the requirements to graduate is to take a 200 level course in a foreign language, which I did my Junior year. I didn’t grow up well off, and was only able to go to University through scholarships and multiple jobs. I had always assumed studying abroad was something out of reach for someone like me. But If there’s one thing I’d like to contribute through correspondence, it’s for at least one person to see my story and realize that it’s possible for them too, and definitely a life altering decision for the better worth making. As for me as a person, I’m an unusual mix of responsible and irresponsible. I spend most of my time studying when school is in session, and working when it’s not. What little free time I do have I usually find something to get into in town, visit with family or friends, or enjoy my hobby of gaming. What I look forward to most about studying abroad is seeing the history of a country much older than ours come to life before my eyes, and oddly enough, the food. I just hope to be able to be fluent in German by the time I leave.




My name is Ellen, and I’m a born and raised southerner with a vagabond heart. I’m a second year European History major with a minor in Italian at Ole Miss, and this is my first time abroad! I’m so excited to be spending this term in England, aka the country I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember, and I can’t wait to share my adventures with everyone!



Hello! My name is Julia and I’m a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art History. I’m studying at the University of Reading in Reading, England, and this is actually my first time to go abroad! In my free time, I’m also a painter so I’m most excited to visit the many art museums in London and mainland Europe to see some of my favorite masterpieces in person. I can’t wait to share my journey with you this semester. Cheers!



Hey, y’all! My name is Katherine Levingston, and I am a junior international studies major. I am studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan, this semester. Over these next few months, I hope to improve my language skills and immerse in Jordan’s culture. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

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Hello, fellow Rebels! My name is Laura Taylor and I’m a junior studying Public Policy Leadership and Intelligence and Security Studies. I’m currently a student on the Spring 2018 Semester at Sea Voyage sailing to Hawaii, United States, Japan, China, Việt Nam, Myanmar (Burma), India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and Germany. I’ve always felt like the most meaningful moments in my education have come from hands-on and experiential learning so I thought that studying abroad would be the perfect way for me to apply real-world knowledge to the lectures and readings from the classroom. I couldn’t pick which city I wanted to move to so I decided to take a full lap around the world! I’m hoping this experience will better my understanding of foreign relations and generate a deeper love for differences – an overall appreciation for the culture of so many places around the world. Here’s to a semester of living the Suite Life on Deck, bon voyage!

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My name is Morgan Korte and I am a current junior studying abroad in Milan, Italy. I am majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communications and minoring in Business Administration. I am excited to spend this spring exploring Europe!


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