Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague… OH MY!

This week was The University of Edinburgh’s ‘Flexible Learning Week’ which means the students have a whole week to catch up on work and focus on their studies. I decided to go to three different countries instead. I am not advertising procrastinating and not getting your work done- I just decided to take the week to travel instead and I am happy that I did!

First stop is Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam is known as the bike capital, a city of canals, tulips, cheese, and a few other things that I don’t think I can mention in this blog. While there, I did go to the Red Light District which is where all of the night clubs are. This is a place that does not allow any pictures or videos because of the dancing women in the windows and they want to be safe from cameras. I went to an erotic show my first night because my friends really wanted to go to one. I have to say that it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I was a little uncomfortable at times but it was also funny and entertaining. If the Red Light District doesn’t seem like the scene for you, THAT’S OKAY! There are so many other things you can do in Amsterdam. The next day, I went to Anne Franks house. To get tickets, you need to buy them two months in advance or you can get a ticket the morning of but only a few tickets come out so you need to wake up early to get in the website’s line. I highly recommend going to Anne Franks house and especially if you have read her diary. We also went to the Van Gogh Museum which was also great if you appreciate art- I really loved it.

Next stop is Brussels, Belgium- the land of waffles, fries, chocolate, and beer. If you love waffles, you have no idea how much you will love actual Belgium waffles! If you love fries, you will love double fried fries. If you love Godiva chocolate, all chocolate in Belgium is at the same or even better quality. If you like Stella Artois or any other belgium beer, there are so many more choices in Belgium. If you just want to eat and drink, Belgium is the place to go. I also went to the EU Parlament where I got a free electronic tour that lasted about half an hour. Me and my friends looked around to see if they still had any UK flags around because they just left the EU less than a month ago and there were absolutely none to be found. The Manneken Pis statue is another cool sight to see while there and if you ever read The Adventures of Tintin, you will definitely see him around too.

Our last stop is in Prague, Czech Republic. This is the country with the largest consumption of beer. If you go to Prague, you are guaranteed to see a few bachelor and bachelorette parties because beer is cheaper here and there is a lot of it. Prague has so much history and legends, it is fun to just sit down and listen. The Charles Bridge is beautiful and it is partially made with eggs. Before they started building it, someone said that they must put eggs in the mortar so that there would be a better bond between the bricks. There is also an astronomical clock that has a performance each hour. Everyone gathers around it to watch with amazement. It is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still operating. It is also interesting to learn about the Defenestrations of Prague- people being thrown out of windows. These Defenestrations happened on three different occasions and the people thrown out of windows where the rulers and high officials that the people of Prague didn’t agree with. There are many other stories to be told but I would just encourage you to go sometime and hear them all yourselves.

If you couldn’t tell, I had a long and exciting week. Now I am back to the books and assignments that I did not start during my week off. I am very happy that I went to these different countries instead because I know a lot more about these places and I just had so much fun with my friends.

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