London Trip!

A group from my study abroad program decided to stay a few off days in London, and we had a blast! We stayed at a hotel in St. Giles, and quickly became familiar with the Soho area. This was definitely a nice area to stay, close to the West End, restaurants, and a convenient tube stop!

During the three days in London, we had plenty of time to explore! Sights included: – Tower of London- a play at the West End- London Bridge- Tower Bridge- Waterloo area- Big Ben (hidden by scaffolding :)- Buckingham Palace- Hyde Park- Abbey Road- pubs (including the Cambridge!)- mastering the tube- London Millennium Bridge- St. Paul’s Cathedral- Tate Modern Art Museum- Shakespeare’s Globe.

My greatest piece of advice for short trips to places with a group of friends would be to take advantage of your time! Often, nobody wanted to say what they wanted to do in fear of not everyone wanting to do the same thing, but this limited our time quickly — so speak up! If your group splits in half, that’s okay! You can meet up for lunch or dinner later on! Enjoy your time in a new place and make the most of it, because your time will be gone before you know it!

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