Austria: über mich – a very belated introduction



Wow! So I have been here almost three months already and let me tell you: it’s been crazy… My advisor unfortunately fell ill and so I was never able to meet with him… so basically from February 16 (my first full day here) until around March 12 I was scrambling trying to figure everything out on my own.  Then, German placement tests were canceled and pushed back a week… both of my linguistics classes were canceled the first week because of teacher illness…THEN one of the classes I signed up for was canceled and we were not notified until the end of April -.- … so school really started a month after I got here… roughly two weeks after it was supposed to.  On top of that we had some saint’s feast day in the middle of March and March 21 began our Easter holidays.  I was backpacking around  Italy for the two week break  and when I got back, school finally started in ernst… and it’s been non-stop ever since! So I apologize for the lack of entries… I’m gonna catch up I promise!

Ok so here we go…

Hallo Allerseits (hello everyone)! My name is Sarah and I am currently an MA student in Applied Linguistics with a subfield in German here at Ole Miss.  I am both proud and excited to say that I am the first Ole Miss student to do an exchange with Alpen Adrian Universität here in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria and the first student in UM history to do a direct program with an Austrian university.   I’m a guinea pig, if you will.  That means we’ll be figuring out this stuff together as we go along! Woo hoo!  I’ve studied abroad at UM twice before in my youthful undergrad days: once to a summer program in Berlin and one semester in Berlin though a program called IES Abroad.  While doing the IES Abroad program, I was also enrolled directly at the famous Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Einstein went there!).   By the time I get back, I will have experienced the three major types of study abroad options.  I’ll be a study abroad pro, so if you ever have any questions about study abroad or any specific questions about the German programs feel free to contact me at any time! (  Look out for my other posts as they slowly appear.  My time in Klagenfurt has been amazing and has gone by so fast!  I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all!

Los geht’s!

Me and some friends at a good ‘ol fashioned Austrian BBQ on the beautiful Wörthersee surrounded by the Alps


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