Biggest regret of studying abroad?  That I’m only doing it for a semester.  As final exams approach, I am realizing that I just now feel like my life here; the routine, the people, the food; is normal.  I see information for events happening in the upcoming semester and am disappointed that I won’t be here to participate.  My new friends will stay here in Peru, or leave to their own countries.  As much as I am excited to see my old friends and family again (and my car), I can’t help but feel sad that this experience is coming to an end.  As frustrating as it is sometimes, I will miss speaking Spanish every moment of every day.  As strange as the food can be, I will miss you, granadilla.

Last week we had a farewell lunch with the study abroad office and international students.  Beforehand, the international coordinator emailed me directly for photos of my experience here in Peru.  Thinking that it was just for a slideshow of lots of people’s photos, I sent in different group pictures that I have from various trips/experiences.  Little did I know, I actually had agreed to stand-up in front of everyone and talk about my photos.  It made me realize just how many great people I have had the opportunity to share this experience with and how much we have all grown together over the past months.

This upcoming week I have finals and then I embarque on a trip to Cusco, Puno, and Arequipa with some of my friends from Colombia and some of their family.  Even though I’m sad to be leaving soon, the trip gives me something to look forward to about the end.


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