Ep3: Little Piece of Heaven (Croatia)

Close your eyes for a moment; I’m being serious. Just close those eyes, and try to imagine what a little piece of pure beauty looks like on Earth. I’m guessing there may be a beach involved in that paradise, or crystal clear waters, perhaps even a glistening waterfall. Well open those eyes, type Croatia into Google, and see that little paradise before your eyes.

Yep, that is Croatia, otherwise known as a piece of heaven on Earth.

For years, I have been keeping a little list of places in this big wide world that I want to visit. That list goes on and on, and only continues to get longer even as I visit more places. But I had never put Croatia on it. The country just seemed to be unavoidable after Budapest and on the way to Greece. So my sister and I started looking up good areas to visit. We decided on Zagreb and Dubrovnik, two of the more popular cities, but…THE WHOLE COUNTRY NEEDS TO BE VISITED. It is amazing people! Unfortunately, we did not have a lot of time in either of the cities that we visited there, due to the plan of it only being a passing through country, but I’m already planning on going back!

We made our way from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia which is in the middle top part of the country, away from the coast. It was a long bus ride with no internet, but there was air conditioning, hallelujah! The reason we had picked Zagreb was simply because it is relatively close to the Plitvice National Park. Or as I like to refer to it, possibly the Garden of Eden…

sZ8hwK5GQa2Khzz6vkw8Ig_thumb_6bd7 Instead of touring another city, we stayed in Zagreb simply for two nights to visit this park. Located close to Split, Croatia, this magnificent park is a UNESCO World heritage center that deserves all the world’s beautiful titles and medals a park can get (it now has Bree super approval which is quite a high honor). The only downside to it being a UNESCO site is that you are not allowed to swim in any of its beautiful lakes or waterfalls, that look so irresistible and feel so cool in the summer heat. Brooke wanted to be accidentally pushed in, but as a rule abider I kept her from plunging in.

Plitvice is a 2 hour bus ride from Zagreb, and the tickets into the park are only 8 euro. We paid 16 euro to see these amazing wonders!

Collage of the BEE-A-U-TI-FUL waterfalls!!

I have no words for these waterfalls! The most amazing thing is that there are simply so many scattered around the park, you are constantly encountering more. The park is really well planned with a wooden/dock/walkway that runs over the little streams and waterfall parts, allowing visitors to walk through all of the lovely sights. Thankfully, we had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy these beauties! The park was full, and the amount of people was a tad annoying, at times. It didn’t always allow for us to enjoy strolling through, but I think it was the perfect time of the year to visit weather wise, and the crowds weren’t at ridiculous levels.

More than anything, it was a day of breath-taking sights. Bright blue waters, green woods, lots of moss (my favorite!!), and those lovely waterfalls. I was reminded of the beauty that this Earth holds, and that God created. Even these bright, colorful photos couldn’t capture the full beauty of the park!

PUT THIS PARK ON YOUR TRAVEL LIST. As I have said, and probably will continue to, if you have the chance, come to Croatia and see these magnificent lakes. You won’t regret it. Even though it wasn’t on mine, I’m so glad we stumbled across this wonder!

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