Bitter Sweet…


It’s strange to think that five months ago today I flew into the Paris De Gaulle airport. Looking back on it now, I was so inexperienced. I didn’t know left from right. I struggled for a solid month. The simplest tasks were a challenge. Things as rudimentary as going to the store or ordering food were really difficult then. Now, I can do those tasks without even thinking about it.

I have been in five months and I am leaving in less than a week. I cannot wait to see my family and friends but I will miss the city of Angers, my study abroad program, the friends that I have made here, and all the memories I made.

Over the past five months, I have spent a lot of time on my own. I have been to Paris twice, Prague, Vienna, Hallstatt, London, Dublin, Galway, and in a couple of days I am going to the island of Corse off the coast of southern France. With that I have learned a lot about myself. I had to learn not only the French language but also basic skills for living abroad. I learned to navigate around Europe, to try new things that may scare me, to communicate with people from different backgrounds, and to adapt to all kinds of situations. If anything, I can now confidently say that I can adapt to any situation that life throws my way.

I am ready to go home but I will never forget the time that I have spent here in Angers, France. The goal of my program was to learn more French. And while I understand the importance of my French education, I will sincerely treasure the memories for a lifetime. Can’t wait to eat a hamburger, Mexican food, and good ole fashioned pancakes from iHOP though.

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