Switzerland: I’m Gettin’ Married in the Morning!

I have been married for almost 24 hours now. Yes, you heard right. I am a MARRIED woman.

Okay, so maybe I don’t have the ring on my finger or the legal documents to prove it, but I did experience a mock wedding ceremony on a cruise ship. It happened to be a very liberal wedding, however, because as I didn’t have a man on my arm, I decided to marry one of my good Swiss friends. I wasn’t about to make some random dude my hubby…

Okay, maybe I should s’plain. No…let me sum up.

About a week ago, I was invited to go on an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) cruise in Lausanne. As the sign-up sheet had been very competitive, I hadn’t been lucky enough to grab an initial spot. Thankfully, it helps to have good connections, and being good friends with many of the people on the ESN board, when a girl dropped out, I was able to take her spot!

Cruise ship

The cruise theme was 1920s/Phantom of the Opera, which had me very confused. A brief history lesson: Phantom of the Opera, originally a novel by the Frenchman Gaston Leroux, was first published in 1909. Hmm…that’s a good ten years before the 1920s, so I’m not exactly sure what ESN was trying to do there.

Regardless of the juxtaposing themes, the cruise took place on the lake near Lausanne, and there were about eight hundred of us: Erasmus students from all over Switzerland. Friday night, after staying out late to celebrate my English friend’s birthday, I rolled out of bed to meet the others at the train station. Once in Lausanne, we took the metro and bus to our hostel, Jeunotel, a place I would highly recommend to any Lausanne traveler! After checking in, hundreds of ESN-ers crammed onto the bus/metro again to make it to the pier, where we boarded the cruise ship not long after. The cruise was amazing: drinks, a pasta/rice bar, cotton candy, bands, DJs, dancing, magic shows. I even got married to my friend (like I explained above. Again, not sure what a mock marriage had to do with The Phantom of the Opera, but I’m not complaining.). I met people from all over Europe, enjoyed a gorgeous sunset over the water, and even learned how to Viennese waltz with Fribourg’s ESN president. I’m sure the other partiers were a bit surprised to see a curly-mustached, monocled man dipping a girl in a bright, red, mock-flapper dress (because she was too cheap to go shopping for anything more theme-appropriate).

After we disembarked, we made our way to a night club called Mad, which normally has a 25-Swiss franc cover charge. Not worth it. The music was only club, meaning that the most you could do was flip your hair back and forth and get whiplash. Now that I think about it, my neck is kinda sore… While cutting it loose on the dance floor, I felt someone press their body into mine and whisper into my ear, in French, “Don’t be afraid.” Thankfully, the voice belonged to a female party-goer, and although I had no idea who she was, she joined our Fribourg group and helped us dance the night away.

Self and scene

We didn’t stay too long at the club (mostly due to the terrible music), and I took a taxi back to the hostel with two of my American friends. I tried to be friendly with the taxi driver, but he was having none of it, so we sat in silence for most of the trip.

The following morning we woke up, ate a delicious, free hostel breakfast, and then took the train back to Fribourg. I am a little partied out, but I found enough energy to make it the library, which I am deeming my ‘official’ boyfriend, and we have been hanging out together most of the afternoon. Go us.

Well, that’s all for now, folks. On Wednesday, I leave for Greece, so…let’s just hope I have my life together by then. So many papers!

À plus dans le bus!

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    Just give us enough time to plan you a proper wedding reception!

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