Czech Republic: Spring Break Part 2: Naples & the Amalfi Coast

Part two of spring break was my favorite part of Italy. We stayed in Naples and did day trips to Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Positano, so it was an incredibly busy few days!

Naples was a really cool city. It was nothing like Naples, Florida near where I live where it’s obvious that it’s a wealthy city and is beautifully manicured everywhere you look. Naples, Italy is dirty and the streets are small and you have to watch out because at any second a car is zooming down a small ally where you’re walking. Naples is known for one important thing though, PIZZA. Naples is the birthplace of pizza and is supposedly home to the best pizza in the world. To say the least I had pizza for dinner every single night while I was in Naples because it was so good. We ate at Sorbillo because it was right around the corner from our airbnb, it was delicious, and it was so cheap! For just 3.80 euro you could got a big margarita pizza. So I ate there every single night that I was in Naples because I loved it so much.

Our first day trip was to Mount Vesuvius. I have mixed feelings about Vesuvius. To get up the mountain and to get into the entrance it cost 20 euro, which may not seem like a lot but when you’re a college student and on a budget you only want to spend 20 euro if it’s worth it and I don’t know if Vesuvius was worth it to me. To me the view was okay but not great and the volcano is not what you see in movies, there’s no bubbling lava, it just looks like a rocky sink hole. I recommend Vesuvius if you love nature and find the history behind it really fascinating but in my opinion, I wouldn’t do it again.

Pompeii was another sight that I thought would be really cool but it kind of fell flat for me. I always thought the story of Pompeii was so interesting so I was really excited to go there but I ended up being underwhelmed. The ruins were cool and I liked walking around and checking them out but after about an hour it was just the same thing over and over again. Seeing the bodies though was the most interesting part to me but we only saw three bodies in total.

Sorrento made up for my last two trips being a bit underwhelming. Sorrento is the first town along the Amalfi Coast and it was beautiful. Thanks to Natalie’s research on Instagram, we found this beautiful grotto beneath some cliffs right next to the ocean. Climbing along the cliffs and sitting on the rocks in the grotto was my favorite part about Sorrento, I just wish we had more time to see more of this beautiful coastal town.

Our last day trip is the one I was looking forward to the most. Positano is a place that I never thought I’d get to go to in my life and I’m so glad I was able to see this stunning town. As I got off the bus in Positano I was in awe of all the beauty around me. The water was beautiful, a darker blue farther out and more turquoise close to the shore and there were colorful little homes on top of each other on the cliff side. We walked around the town for a bit before heading to the beach where we stayed for the rest of the day until we left to go back to Naples. The beach was half sand, half rocks, so I was glad I kept my shoes on when I walked onto the beach. Just laying down and relaxing was so nice and all I could think of the whole time was that I’ve never been somewhere so picturesque in my entire life.

Naples and the Amalfi Coast were definitely my favorite part of spring break and I’m so glad we went. If I did it over again, I’d stay in Positano and spend a few days relaxing on the beach rather than simply doing a day trip there because I loved it so much. Italy was incredible and I hope I get to go back someday and explore the other cities in the North and have some more gelato and pizza! Italy, you were amazing, but it’s time for the next adventure! Ciao!

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