Hannah: Lyon, France


It’s that time again! Time to reflect on the last month or so and all the amazing experiences I’ve had. There’s been a lot lately, so I’ll do my best to catch y’all up to date in the coming days.

First, I HAVE to talk about Lyon. One weekend a few friends and I wanted to take a quick, inexpensive trip somewhere to have a break from Kedge. After some research, we decided on Lyon… Mainly because it was only about 20€ round trip on a bus. We booked an Airbnb just before leaving and then embarked on our last minute vacation.

The first day was extremely rainy, but we managed to have a great day just roaming around and trying to find the cool parts of the city. Not everyone had arrived, so we wanted to save all the super interesting activities for the following day. We mainly just ate pastries, played with swans (there were so many!), and visited spooky cathedrals.

Day two was much more sunny and we walked probably a million steps. That’s definitely an exaggeration, but we did walk a lot that day because the public transportation system in Lyon is not even worth trying to figure out… Anyway, the main events of the day were eating crepes and trekking up a massive hill to visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

Now, these crepes were incredible. We had done some googling and discovered a small creperie in the city center. Of course we decided to have a brunch there! First, I had a galette with ham, egg, and cheese and then I had the most delectable chocolate crepe known to man. I can’t remember what the place was called, but if you go to Lyon please contact me and I will figure out where it was so y’all can go.

To balance our crepe intake, we climbed a hill that felt like a mountain at the time to find Notre-Dame. We stopped many times to have little photoshoots but we eventually made it to the top. We could see the entire city from up there! And the basilica was absolutely stunning both inside and out. It took a while to get inside because it seemed they were having some kind of veterans celebration, but we got in with some effort. It was so incredibly worth the climb.

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After our big day in Lyon we walked allllll the way back to our BnB which was located on the outskirts of the city. One of the many reasons we racked up our step count for the day. To finish off the night, we got take out Chinese and watched Danse Avec Les Stars.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the following morning, but I must say that Lyon was one of my favorite places I’ve visited in France. If I ever get to come back to this country in the future, Lyon is at the top of my list of places to visit once more.

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