Hannah: School and Little Getaways

Hi, again!

To start this post, I’d like to bring up how school here is so much different than in the US. I’m only speaking from my experiences at KEDGE and it may not reflect the rest of France, but so far the differences are abundant. Each difference has pros and cons, so I figured I’d lay it out for anyone thinking they are interested in studying at KEDGE.

First of all, KEDGE began classes on September 12th for bachelors students, about 3 or so weeks after classes started at UM. I was completely fine with this change because it gave me more time to enjoy summer and soak in some of the city before delving into schoolwork, so no complaints from me!

Secondly, classes at KEDGE only meet once a week for 3 hours and 15 minutes. Compared to meeting 2-3 times a week per class at home, this is a major change. It allows me to have more days off to explore or travel, but it is difficult paying attention for so long at a time. There is a 15 minute break in the middle of class to grab a drink or a snack, but let’s face it… 3 hours and 15 minutes is still a long time, especially when you have more than one class in a day. Thankfully, I’m slowly becoming more adjusted to the schedule!

Another major change from UM’s course structure is that there are really no tests until the finals. Some classes require me to do maybe one other major project besides the exam, but most classes just want me to show up, participate, and do whatever small assignments that are given before the next class meeting. I enjoy not having to stress so much during the week, but it is nerve wracking knowing that most of your grade relies on one test or presentation.

Now, that’s enough of the boring stuff… On to talking about trips!

My first little excursion outside of Marseille was to the neighboring town of Cassis. Several friends and I took a bus over and spent the day on the most beautiful beaches. The cover photo for this post is from our trip to Cassis! We ate hamburgers at a little restaurant by the marina and walked around before heading home… Or at least trying to. The guys came in a car, so they left while the girls stayed to catch the bus, only to find that we had missed the last bus home. It took a bus, a train, a metro, and another bus to make it back to our apartments. Although it wasn’t the most ideal situation, it ended up making a great story.

The weekend after school began, my friend Victoria and I decided to take advantage of an unexpected long weekend and go to San Remo, Italy and Nice! Although we did go to Italy, it was just a stones throw away from Monaco and the French border. First, we took a train to San Remo where we stayed in a super adorable AirBnB in the city centre. Most of the trip was spent eating pizza and gelato and walking around the fairly small city. We could only stay a day, but that was more than enough to still enjoy what San Remo had to offer.

After San Remo, we made our way to Nice where we spent a couple of days soaking up the sun and eating delicious food. Most of the time we were there, we just walked and stumbled upon interesting places. I think my favorite part about Nice was how we could find these little pedestrian only streets where there were small shops and restaurants. I was able to find several yummy treats to take back to the hostel with me from various candy and pastry shops.

Shortly after our return to Marseille, both Victoria and I met up with some other friends and went to a soccer game! I had never been to a professional soccer game so it was a very new experience. We sat in one of the more calm sections, but we were able to watch the fans in the more rowdy areas. There were firecrackers and huge banners and everyone was sporting blue and white for the Marseille team. Unfortunately for us, the game was a tie at 0-0 with Lyon. The game overall was one of the more boring games I had seen, but it was still fun to see a live game with other KEDGE students!


Check back to read all about my trip to Paris and life at KEDGE!

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