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My first few days in South Korea definitely exceeded my expectations. Not only have the locals been extremely kind to me, but I can honestly say that I’ve almost experienced more in these past few days than I have experienced in my entire life.

First off, as soon as I’d gotten settled into my dorm room and met my awesome roommate from Hong Kong, I had learned that there was a massive annual concert would occur at Incheon Airport that very night. This information blew my mind, because I was literally at Incheon International Airport only a few hours ago. To top it off, the concert was only a small part of it. In actuality, it was a festival. The 2016 Sky Festival consisted of dozens of booths, lots of great food, and performances from some of the hottest K-Pop Idols around. That was just the first day.

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The next day, I got the opportunity to tour a little of Seoul. We visited Seoul City Hall, Deoksu Palace, Gwanghwamun, and Myeongdong, one of the most famous shopping districts in South Korea. Myeongdong was fun, because I got the opportunity to try Sundae, a popular Korean street food that consists of blood sausage wrapped in either a pig or cow’s intestines. Sounds gross, but it tastes pretty amazing. It’s a little spicy too. I’ve always been a  big fan of spicy.

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Lastly, life as a student at Korea University has been a blast. The campus is gorgeous and I’ve had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of many of the different organizations in action. Watching the Korea University Dance Club successfully pull off intricate K-Pop choreography, and marveling at the passionate movements of the Korean-style tradition cheering squads have allowed me to have a better perspective of just how beautiful a country South Korea really is.

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  1. Wayne J says:

    Sounds like a wonderful experience and she’s so in depth in putting this article together. I always wondered how things were in South Korea and thanks to the author of this article for shining a light on some of the things that I didn’t know about this country.

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