UK: Up, Up, and Away

Today is the day. FINALLY. I am Scotland bound. Bring it on, bagpipes. I’m ready.

First- let’s talk about packing. Some people will tell you that it’s “oh so easy” to pack 4-5 months of your life in 1 or 2 suitcases with a 50 pound limit each. These people can be put into two categories: (1) boys and (2) people I don’t like.
Category 2, this is why I don’t like you:

Yeah, maybe I overpacked but at least I’ll be warm during the Scottish winter! (Because snow isn’t real in MS)


As I am waiting on my delayed flight (they wanted to prolong my excitement), I keep mentally planning what I’m going to do when I get there. Fun fact, nothing I plan will work out smoothly. That’s just part of the adventure, and that’s what study abroad is- an adventure.

My adventure starts now:


Can’t wait to keep y’all updated once I reach my home away from home! Catch ya across the pond 🙂
Cheerio, friends. ❤

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